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Thanks to actor Neil Hobbs’ understanding of the multi-faceted Wikki, we find a thoughtful and loyal man beneath his rough exterior.

SCAVENGERS by Bryan Oliver at The Etcetera Theatre (

Neil Hobbs as Wikki is all man of the people, practical and brave.

SCAVENGERS by Bryan Oliver at Etcetera Theatre 16 – 20 Aug 2023 (

Scavengers 2023.jpg

Particularly Neil Hobbs who plays Jamie, did a great job, 

Christina Deakin

Neil Hobbs as Michael gives one of the most striking performances I’ve seen this year throughout the films I have reviewed.


It isn’t surprising that he has won awards for his performance in this short. His ability to express such deep-seated emotions is beyond spectacular — as Michael describes the day he lost his daughter, the showcase of pure despair and desire to have her back in his arms again shines through in a natural, breaking beauty. These emotions hang heavy in the air, making the situation feel entirely factual; empathy, as a viewer, quickly rises as a result of Hobbs’ otherworldly acting power. Every feeling laced in his words and displayed on his face is soaked up by the audience, immediately creating a personal relationship between the character and the viewers. Trust me when I say that this connection refuses to break even after watching.

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